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Program NameSeminar on the Prevention of Abuse of Elders and other Dependent Adults
Program SummaryConducted seminar with panel presentations and discussions on three different scenarios. The scenarios were acted out and discussion ensued on whether abuse existed, how it could have been prevented and how it should be handled.
Agencies and Organizations InvolvedAPS, Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Health Care Providers, Law Enforcement, Maui Coalition to End Abuse, Nonprofits, Office on Aging, Ombudsman, Priests, Social Workers
Funding SourceAdministrative Funds, Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Hale Mahaolu, Maui County Police Department, Women Helping Women
Funding LevelNot Available
Program EstablishedSeminar conducted November 2002
Materials AvailableNone
Program Contact NameJohn Tomaso, MSW, ACSW, LSW
Contact Phone Numberph. 808/270-7350
ContactEmail[email protected]

Last Updated: March 28, 2003


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